Natural Billboard

Creative McDonald's outdoor billboard that grows over time. Created by Leo Burnett ad agency, Chicago.



Start Up

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The “Driving Challenge” builds upon a film made by the University of Illinois 10 years ago to demonstrate the psychological principle of inattentional blindness. Essentially, the interactive game uses this concept to directly demonstrate that your driving is impaired when talking on a mobile phone, either hand held or hands free. In fact, the game reveals that if you use your mobile phone whilst driving you are four times more likely to crash! Its whole aim is to encourage drivers to be more vigilant.

Take the test!


Client: Department for Transport

Agency: AMV BBDO

Creative: Gary Hoff, Stuart Woodall, Sean Vrabel
Account Management: Kate Gault, Giovanna Cucchi, Olivia Browne

Digital Producer: Nicola Davies

Web Production: iCG

Film Production: Brick and Pin

Director: Richard Topping
Exposure: Online

Thanks Nicolas Davies to Show me this.
IT was great to take the drive and do the test...i didnt missed the space bar question...I even saw the rabit...but i couldnt count the pedestrians at all... so im not part of 19% of people who passed the test...


Its important this kind of campaigns...




Un vol Paris-Ibiza très particulier
Vueling organised the 1st party on board of a commercial plane Paris-Ibiza one year ago...

I was listenning to some music and i got to this video...crazy...people going to IBIZA and they got this in the plane? OMG

I would love that this happened to me



When everybody is using Football or RIR, Super Bock comes with this beautifull video, with a great photo and music...

You will see it in the Cinemas or in the TV...

I would just change one word in the Slogan...Despite of " Sabor Autêntico" it Should Be " AMOR AUTÊNTICO"




Sporting, Draft, eStara, PT and SportInvest Won last nigh the award for the best campaign in terms of originality and creativity voted by the readers of the magazine M&P .
It was a pleasure to be there, to share these moments with such important and inteligent people.

Thanks André (MArketing Dir of SportingCP ) to believe and all the team that work for it.

The moment:

The award:

The rest of the winners:



Volume Max Yamaha



Another good one form Buzzman and eStara...

If you are in France Dont miss this...

People are getting crazy about it =)


Fucking Nice....

The more you scream the more you go faster ( and furious )

Perfect perfect perfect....

Congrat Yamaha =)


My favourite RIR campaign...

Its perfect...the interaction...all the enviroment and so on...This one will not be a waste of time guys!!!


My favourite part of the house;





AH...e EU VOU!

Im going in the 30th of May...next Friday

I hope to see AxWell and Dance "thank god I found You" =)

Meios e Publicidade

This Thursday I will be in one of the main important Marketinga and Communication Awards in Portugal.

I hope the campaing wich we are running into, will win it.


We are running for Origanility and Inovation...

Some highlgths from last year:

Hope that will be a magic Nigth...and the campaing will won the award that al the team deserves...

We allready won a French an American Award....now we need a Portuguese one for these great campaign performed in 2007





Man.... I heard so much about this...and seen so much banners...that I couldnt push this also to you....

What is happening inside?

I dont know....

Like Juan told me there are 5 or 6 hands in the car


imagine toi...

Nice campaigns from OXYDO using lots of good arguments to experience the Brand...

Not having tabus and using it as Argument is achiving results in this case....

Do you have any suggestion of what is happening inside?
A pitty that i dont understand Italian so Much....

I will pratice as Im going to Millan in a less than 1 Month...maybe i will buy some Oxydo glaces there...just to have the experience...wouldnt you?


Portuguese Agency

Funny Funny Funny

A bit Old and In Portuguese...but totally crazy



Today the day of the final of Champions Leaguem i discovered this site from Chelsea


Even if im from MU today.....

Take a look around....


This week I was doing a Case Study about ZAOZA

Please see the BuzzMan cases here http://www.buzzman.tv/zaoza2007_fr/

I belive its a sucess case;

I found very interesting how they integrated all the tecnolgies and the concept of the service

Congrat to the work done

A bit late but some movies to remember

A different Kind of AD:

Congrat eStara for being present in this campaign

Buzzman did just a great job
an Vivendi great product




Sorry if this only works for Portuguese People.
Great piece of New Online Tools Usage.
Is not a Inovative one, you may know that we did it exactly the same with Sporting and PAulo Bento, even its a tecnology copy from one of our competitors, but im showing fair playing in this moment, and showing this ORGINAL CAMPAIGN.
CONGRAT PT for Your Inovative Thinking, but in terms of Tecnology provider is a pitty that people continues to prefer FAKE and CHEAP against ORIGNAL and QUALITY.

IF you like this type of campaigns you better know that VODAFONE, GILLETE, PRINGLES, OPEL, SEAT, SCNF, COMEDY CENTRAL, MCDONALDS and many other mores allready did this...and if you want some more info i will be honor to personally send more info.

Till next week ( Im going to Madrid This weekend)

Inteligent Piece of Advertising

Just received this by email and I believe that its an interesting one.
Dont know much about this piece, just that was used by Lotto.

Nice Movie
Nice Muscic
Surpreendent Ending


Nice in Overall

Dream Big

OHH no Football again.... I adviced

After the one from Nike I needed to compensate it on the ADIDAS side... And this one they deserve even a bigger space.

I was well-aware of the recent Nike campaign, “Take it to the next level,” but I wasn’t as familiar with what Adidas was up to putting forth. The blog from Beyond Madison Avenue did the favour to me.

"Adidas produced a documentary surrounding Kaká, Messi, Gerrard and Beckham meeting local football teams in Andorra, San Marino and the Isles of Scilly as part of the film project “Dream Big”.

The production quality of the project is awesome and the feeling that it creates is truly heartwarming. Adidas sending out sports stars to these small cities creates a sense of global awareness and conscience. The concept of “Dream Big” is a strong message that speaks for both Adidas and youth culture in general. "

Even Mourinho deserves congratulations for this great piece.




This was shown me in my UNIVERSITY this weekend and I was really having fun ont the agency side. Sometimes it seems its true.
The Break-Up' is about the relationship between an advertiser and a consumer. They've agreed to meet in a restaurant. The man's feeling perfectly happy, until the woman makes a painful announcement: she wants a divorce. In the course of their conversation she makes it clear to him why she is leaving him. And he makes it very clear that he doesn't have an empathic bone in his body. At the end of the movie the woman walks away disappointed but determined. The advertiser stays behind alone.

http://bringtheloveback.com is a nice BLOG FYI.


Playstation Revival

I was thinking If the AD from Galp is or isn`t similar to this one From Playstation?

Dont Know...If you dont think so...at least you see an old AD that was very trendy by the time... =)

( the one form Galp: http://disruptionandbuzz.blogspot.com/2008/04/euro-2008-galp.html)

Take It To the NEXT LEVEL - NIKE

I knew that we would have lots of good advertising this season.
This one its really good for people That Love FootBall.


Facebook Chat

Last week i found the Facebook new tool the Chat and for mee it was a good new...not that i will use it a lot... but In fact interesting...

I found this good article, that is exactly the same I think about it:

"Facebook chat went live last week and the jury is still out on how—or if—people are going to use it. Right now it seems to mostly be in the “Hey, is this thing on?” stage, where people are testing it out and seeing how it works.

Many people I’ve spoken with feel the same way about it that I do: it’s a useful tool, but we’re wary because our Facebook friend list is much broader than our IM list and we’re living in fear of those casual acquaintances you had to spend fifteen minutes to remember when they first friended you will be the ones popping up to chat with you on Facebook.

While that fear is likely unfounded, there is the very real issue of a shift in how we use Facebook. Until now, it was a solitary activity where your interactions with people—via messages, wall postings and the like– did not occur in real time. Adding a real time chat element changes how you use the site: no more clicking back and forth, on and off the site, if you are in the middle of a conversation. And suddenly you are very aware of which of your friends is spending all their time on Facebook. (there was always the option to check to see who else was online, but people rarely did, since there was no upside to it other than satisfaction of curiousity.)

The interface itself is fairly basic, though it does allow for emoticons and clickable links. Personally, I have not found much use for it—I have many other ways (IM, Twitter, Email, phone) of reaching the people I know on Facebook. But I’m curious as to how many of you view Facebook chat and if you’ve found yourselves using it. Because given the popularity and ubiquity of Facebook, it wouldn’t surprise me if it really caught on."

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EURO 2008 - GALP

Coming Soon, we have EURO 2008 - football championship almost here....

I can imagine that we will share lots of good moments between matches, beer, peanuts, fun...and we will share the spirit of it with friends =)

Despite that, for publicity, we will be in the middle of one war, everybody will try to scream the most, trying to be diferent in the clutter...

One of my favourite campaign rigth now is froç GALP - in Portugal:

Take a look:

IN 2004 they did a very good one and we achieved a great unity with a good song, remember:

I hope to publish ASAP new campaigns on this topic...for sure


Mobile experience Store

Just an old video of Japonese Mobile tools

The end off the Viral Buzz in Spain???

It’s a hard blow for spanish viral marketing. One friend just sent me this links, where they say that the LSSI has forbidden the function “enviar a un amigo” for commercial purposes.




Interesting point to debat....



eStara Wins 2008 ad:tech Award for ''Best Direct Response Campaign''

As I made part of this... I couldnt resist



ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.), the top-ranked e-commerce platform and optimization services provider, today announced ATG's eStara Click to Call service won Best Direct Response Campaign for its online program, "Soccer Club Sells Seats with DRC," at the industry's most prestigious interactive advertising conference, ad:tech San Francisco 2008. eStara Click to Call technology powered the interactive campaign for a major Portuguese soccer club, Sporting, and ignited enthusiasm for Sporting fans through a personalized experience with coach Paulo Bento.
The Best Direct Response Campaign award was presented during ad:tech's 11th annual awards ceremony on April 15, 2008 at ad:tech San Francisco. The award category distinguishes direct to business or direct-to-consumer campaigns that yield a measurable response rate and includes a competitive entry list with such companies as the Gap and Hip Hop Digital Media. Industry experts lining the judging panel included executives from Tribal DDB, ARF, Yahoo!, Organic, DoubleClick, Real Branding, Jetset Studios, Nike, Facebook and CNET Networks Inc., to name a few.
"The ad:tech awards recognize pioneering companies that demonstrate excellence in interactive marketing," said Don Knox, Vice President, ad:tech Global. "We are impressed by the quality, creativity and innovation of the campaigns this year, which reflects the positive progression of the internet marketing industry."
Sporting initiated "Soccer Club Sells Seats with DRC" by enlisting eStara to create an opportunity for soccer enthusiasts to directly engage with the team to promote the brand, encourage game attendance and drive season ticket sales through a memorable, interactive Web advertisement. eStara's Click to Call technology allowed fans to personally connect with Sporting's coach - an incentive that peeked massive interest.
The ad ran on the Sporting website (www.Sporting.pt), asking viewers to supply their name and telephone number to find out more about how they could help the football team succeed. Users who entered their name and number were shown a brief video of the team in the locker room where Coach Paulo Bento receives a team roster with a missing member. The coach then sees the viewer's name on the list and dials his phone. Powered by eStara Click to Call technology the viewer's own phone rings and the coach urges the viewer to get to the stadium fast because the team needs her. Within two weeks of the campaign, Sporting.pt drew 610,000 visits - resulting in 1,500 new memberships.
"Fusing creativity, strategy and technology to produce the Sporting campaign was an incredible opportunity," said Cid Jenkins, vice president of sales, North America for ATG's eStara line of e-commerce optimization services. "The immediate impact of our Click to Call technology helped to initiate 200,000 calls within two days and drive record-high season ticket sales."
For more information and to watch an example of the advertising campaign please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ42Kf_SFkE
About ATG
ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.) provides the e-commerce platform and e-commerce optimization services that the world's most customer-conscious companies use to power their e-commerce Web sites, attract prospects, convert them to buyers and ensure their satisfaction so they become loyal, repeat, profitable customers. Our e-commerce suite is ranked the #1 current offering and #1 in strategy by the industry's most influential analyst firms, and powers more of the top 300 internet retailers than any other vendor. Our eStara brand of e-commerce optimization services - including the world's most widely used click to call offering - dramatically increase conversions and order size and enhance customer support. ATG's solutions are used by over 900 major brands, including AT&T, Best Buy, Bulgari, Coca Cola, Continental Airlines, CVS, Dell, Diane von Furstenberg, DirecTV, eLuxury, El Corte Ingles, Expedia, France Telecom, Harvard Business School Publishing, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, HSBC, Intuit, Jenny Craig, Louis Vuitton, Macy's, Mercedes Benz, Meredith, Microsoft, Neiman Marcus, New York & Company, NutriSystem, OfficeMax, PayPal, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Sears, Sony, Symantec, Target, T-Mobile, Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Outfitters, Verizon, Viacom, Vodafone and Walgreens.
This press release contains forward-looking statements for purposes of the safe harbor provisions under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Further details on these risks are set forth in ATG's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings are available free of charge on a website maintained by the SEC at http://www.sec.gov. Additional risk factors related to the subject matter of this press release include: the possibility that eStara's product and service deployments will not be successful, on time or significantly enhance the user's Internet experience; the need to adapt to rapid changes so products and services do not become obsolete; the possibility of errors in eStara's software products and services; the possibility that eStara's offerings will not enhance its customers' online sales or otherwise provide the expected benefits to its customers; and the possibility that eStara's product strategy may change in the future. eStara and ATG undertake no obligation to update any of the forward-looking statements after the date of this press release.




Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Launches Game For Window Peepers

Agent Provocateur, has a new game and a new adventure out so if you're into sexy lingerie, games that are called Peep in Paris and episodic video installments, head over to Agent Provocateur for some afternoon delight.

With so many feeds in my reference sites I couldnt avoid to post this one


Web sensorial campaign


This one is creating quite a buzz (pun intended), but you’ll need to have headphones to fully experience it.

Come on, give it a try. And listen carefully.
It’s more important than you might think.



A witty mind hack and web sensorial campaign by Transport for London, aiming to reduce the number of cyclists that are hurt on London’s roads.
According to the campaign press release, researchers at Harvard University played this trick on some unsuspecting people and over 50 per cent failed to spot the change. This selective blindness is possibly the reason why motorists collide with cyclists.

Check also another video piece from Transport for London, that also plays on mind hacks.


Transformer Desk Bed

For those long, long nights comes a clever bed/desk combo that might be problematic if you fall through the bottom of the bed and onto your desk.

After the Casulo, this is another economy of space for those ones living in a little space..
( Imagine if Bernini sees this...you will see all the Phytagores residence with just this)

Real Beauty

This one goes out for my Russian friends =)

Dover Revolution style...very clever and with asimple message...